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GemCraft Chasing Shadows GemCraft Chasing Shadows

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I used to love the previous GemCraft games, so i was quite excited when I saw there was a new one. And it doesn't disappoint: New features enhance the game experience and previously successful features were kept. The game satisfies on all avenues: Mechanics, narrative, progression, visuals, audio, overall design and concept - you name it. GemCraft Chasing Shadows is certainly a worthy successor for this series, and also my personal Tower Defense favorite right next to Bloons Tower Defense.

With the amount of time i have already played this game I couldn't possibly give it any less than 5 stars. The only less-than-optimal things I can think of are: A) That every now and then, there is a lot of text on the screen. Going through the tutorial or opening the options for the first time can be slightly disorienting with so much information stuffed into tiny spaces. And B) I would've liked an in-game help summary of all the keyboard shortcuts. I am all over those, but with so many of them, most shortcuts were forgotten rather quickly. I would've liked an in-game cheat sheet for this, maybe a seperate tab in the options somewhere.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I like it for what it is - that is a plain copy of the old snake. The game works well, but isn't entirely too creative. You could also put some more work into making it look prettier by making a start menu, a game over screen, a leaderboard, using better visuals, that sort of thing

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PingPong PingPong

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Just made a Pong clone myself. This one isn't half bad but could use improvement. Too many fonts and different designs for my taste. The field is small and the ball is very fast - having the ball increase speed over time would be better IMHO. Also, getting the ball to change angle when hitting the paddle at either end doesn't always work.Sometimes the ball stops moving in the middle of the field for no reason. And the flash ad you seem to have built in after a match crashed the game for me before it even loaded.